What is SensorFramework-LogonTask?

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Hi guys , after the 2006 upgrade, a Scheduled Task entitled "SensorFramework-LogonTask" was created and it's executing at the logon of any user. Does anyone know what this is and what it does?  Somebody on twitter mentioned that this is used by Endpoint Ananlytics but this environment is not Tenant attached yet.

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@egoodman This task is leveraged by Endpoint analytics. If you haven't tenant attached, then data will not be able to upload to the cloud. You can configure data collection (locally) and data upload separately within the ConfigMgr console. More details here:

@Zach Dvorak Thanks for the reply & the info.  So, are you saying that this task was created because the 'Enable Endpoint Analytics Data Collection" is set to Yes (which it is)?  Obviously it won't work without tenant attach but i'm curious if that client setting is responsible for the creation of that scheduled task?

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@egoodman Yes - setting that "Enable Endpoint analytics data collection" client setting to 'Yes' is going to begin data collection. While this data will not be uploaded to the cloud until you tenant attach and enable Endpoint analytics, you can still view the collected data in your local ConfigMgr database.