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Hi, is there other ways to control (when we only have one primary site) the content distribution flow than using secondary sites or pull DPs?


Asking because at the moment we have a CAS with 4 primaries that each distribute the content to the DPs  for their site/region, but if we go with only one primary, we still want to have that same control, but we'd like to stay away from secondary sites and it seems that Pull-DPs have a tendency to need more repairs than regular DPs, so we wanted to know if there was any alternatives and what would be their pros and cons.


Thank you in advance and don't hesitate if you have any questions

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Hi @lalanc01,

You can control and set bandwidth and throttling on individuals DPs the same way that you can with child sites without using secondary sites or PullDPs. See
We're more talking about making sure some DPs only get the content from one specific region and not from the primary site to avoid content taking too long to distribute,

We were thinking about having a regular DP for each 4 regions have having pull DPs use their respective regional DP for source, but if there's a way to do that without having to use pull-DPs or secondary sites, we would like to know. Thks
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OK, that's different and cannot be done without the use of secondary sites or PullDPs. Why are you averse to using PullDPs?
Thank you for the information,
it's not that we don't want to use Pull-DPs it's more like we wanted to see if there was other possibilities out there where we wouldn't have a much possible issues because we have a lot of DPs
It was reported by some in the community and we've also experienced it with our pull-dp test that they sometimes get bits job hang and we have to manually or with a script provided by MS fix that

A uservoice was created by Bryan Dam at the request of David James so he can look at when can be done.

Here's the twitter thread if you're interested