Thursday Content Spotlight - December TechNet Guru Winners!
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First published on MSDN on Jan 26, 2017

Authored by Peter Laker

Today we'd like to highlight some of the amazing content that has been coming into our community coffers last month.



Some of it is Azure related, as you'll see below, so I drop a blog here about it.

Every month those that are most awesome within our world-wide community contribute some of their knowledge back to the community.

We love them for it. Whenever we stumble upon it when researching whatever we are stuck on, or learning something new, we silently thank the author for their words of wisdom.

Well, here, we'd also like to sing their praises. More about the Monthly TechNet Guru competition and how you can join the fun here .

We have so much goodness to show, I'll break it into two blogs, below the gold medal winners for the first half of categories of December's competition results .

BizTalk Technical Guru - December 2016:
BizTalk Server: Sending Missing File Alert
By Giri Abhay

This is a great article from Giri about getting notifications when things don't go quite as expected in BizTalk land. A well deserved medal and an interesting read!

Forefront Identity Manager Technical Guru - December 2016:
FIM 2010 / MIM 2016 Troubleshooting: The requestor's identity was not found.
By Peter Geelen

A great contribution from one of our community big hitters Peter Geelen. A nice write-up for a problem any FIM/MIM lover may encounter.

Microsoft Azure Technical Guru - December 2016:
Logic Apps -Working with Cache and Enterprise Messaging in Logic Apps
By Abhishek kumar

Abhishek tackles an interesting topic for fans of Logic Apps. A great place to dice into the world of cloud automation.

Miscellaneous Technical Guru - December 2016:
Windows Phone Controlled Car using Arduino
By Hassaan Akbar

This is an awesome contribution from Hassaan, bringing some classic code to TechNet with a nice clean article that would encourage anyone to give it a go! Yey for Windows Phone!

SharePoint 2010 / 2013 Technical Guru - December 2016:
Exploring Feature Pack 1 for SharePoint Server 2016
By Priyaranjan KS

A great exploration here into SharePoint 2016's first feature pack. We love feature packs!

Small Basic Technical Guru - December 2016:
Small Basic Accessibility: Enlarging the text and Hiding IntelliSense & the Help Pane
By Ed Price - MSFT

A legend of the Small Basic community, Ed consistently beats his Small Basic drum loud and clear, drawing new armies of fans into the joy of coding!

SQL BI and Power BI Technical Guru - December 2016:
Create Power BI Reports using Facebook Data
By Priyaranjan KS

This is what we love. Pictures and steps to follow... Then BOOM it's alive!! And it was that easy!

So there we have it, some Azure and some non-Azure related winners, but plenty worth checking out!

Thanks for reading!

Pete Laker (Azure MVP)

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