PyGames - show off your skills and win amazing prizes!
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PyGames - now live!

Show off your game development skills and win some amazing prizes. Join us in creating an open-source game using Python and the framework of your choice.


PyGames is open to everyone, including beginners. You have until April 17th to build a game and submit it to the gallery!

The game can be anything you want - a multiplayer arcade-style game, a console game, or whatever you can think of that's fun. It doesn't have to be original, but it has to be built by you.


We have some incredible awards to give out as well.

  • The "One-of-a-kind" award, worth $2500, goes to the most unique game.

  • The "Pure Nostalgia" award, also worth $2500, goes to the game that brings back the best memories.

  • And for those of you who love a challenge, the "Headache Fuel" award, worth $2500, goes to the most frustrating but fun game.

  • Six honorable mentions worth $700 each.

  • If you're one of the first 20 eligible submissions, you'll win $50 just for submitting.

This challenge is about creativity. Your implementation is less important than the creativity of the game you come up with. Whether you're a seasoned game developer or a newcomer to the scene, this is your chance to learn something new, have fun, and win prizes.

If you're completely new - head over to to learn the Python fundamentals.  If you're new to game dev with python. The framework pygame has some great tutorials Tutorials - pygame wiki.


Submit your game at PyGames

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