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Earlier this year in our blog post highlighting Dapr, we stated our goal to empower all developers to be successful at building any application, using any language, on any platform. In the pursuit of this goal, we are committed to building open, flexible technology that makes it easy for any developer to build adaptable and dynamic applications that run on the cloud and edge.


One of the many teams at Microsoft focusing on building open, flexible, technologies is the Azure Open-Source Incubations team. Projects from Azure OSS Incubations include Dapr (, KEDA (, Copa (, and the most recent project, Radius ( Each project is open-source, cloud-neutral, and has been donated to (or in the process of donating to) the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).




Radius: Cloud-native application platform that works on any cloud

Last month we announced Radius, a new open-source project that seeks to improve cloud-native application development for developers and the IT operators that support them. With Radius, we’re expanding our goal to empower not just developers, but the entire application team building applications on any platform.




Radius is focused on collaboration for teams building, deploying, and managing cloud-native applications. From microservices to infrastructure, Radius allows developers and operators to focus on their areas of expertise, all in a self-service platform that accelerates team productivity. In Radius, developers define their application, including all the services, dependencies, and relationships within it. In parallel, operators define environments that encapsulate the infrastructure templates (Recipes), policies, and organization requirements for their specific platform (Azure, AWS, self-hosted). Applications deployed to a Radius Environment bind to the platform, enabling applications that can run on any cloud.


Central to Radius is the belief that applications are more than just lists of services and infrastructure; they’re also all the relationships that form the Application Graph. Radius provides teams with a way to describe, deploy, and query relationships within an application. From this graph teams can understand “what is the app?” and collaborate on this shared understanding.

Introduction to Radius

Learn from Azure OSS Incubation architect Ryan Nowak as he dives into Radius on the Open at Microsoft show. Find the episode on both Microsoft Learn TV and YouTube.


Join the Radius Community

To learn more about Radius, join the open-source GitHub project, drop into the Radius Discord server, or visit the Radius website.

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