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You might be a student or in mid-career and you are starting to think, what if I can get into tech?  It's never too late to start in tech, just know that there are ways to build your skills, get noticed and start to work at that new dream job of yours.


At first, you might start with an intimidating feeling, where do I even begin, how would I build my skills? There are a lot of guidance to be had and in this learning path we've collected all that guidance for you in three modules.


First module

The idea is that your first starts building your skills, then craft a resume. Once you have a resume, you can start to network (or even before having a resume) in places where other tech folks might be.


Second module

Lastly, all that leg work hopefully leads to an interview, and here we also inform you of various interviews, questions you might get and how to approve them. 


Third module

In the last interview, you've landed that coveted intern position and we guide you how to best carry it out 



Here is the learning path Start a career in tech


- Get noticed Grow your tech skills and learn where and how to network, even as a student

- Successful interviewing prepare for different types of interviews, tech and non tech ones

- From intern to full time position. Grow in your role as an intern, and turn that into a full-time position.


Hear from Eleanor Lewis, intern that now works full-time at Microsoft.



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