Microsoft at Devoxx Belgium 2023: Pioneering the Future of Java with Intelligent Apps
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Microsoft is thrilled to be part of the 20th edition of Devoxx Belgium from October 2-6, in Antwerp, Belgium. Last year's event attracted over 3,200 attendees, and this year is shaping up to be equally impactful. The conference will cover Cloud, Big Data, Security, Architecture, Programming Languages, and importantly, the evolving fields of AI and Java, and more. With the upcoming release of Java 21, this year's emphasis on AI and Java promises a valuable learning experience.


Exploring the core themes

Spring Apps: Spring continues to be a bedrock for crafting resilient and scalable java applications. We will demonstrate how Spring Boot can be optimized and scaled within Azure environments.

Java and AI: As AI is one of the highlighted topics at Devoxx this year, we will unpack its transformative influence in the context of Java and cloud-native development, driving efficiencies and redefining capabilities.


Session highlights

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From Inception to Production: Building Spring-based Services and Deploying them at Scale – Mark Heck...

Monday, October 2, 09:30 - 12:30. Location: BOF 1

This hands-on lab cuts through the noise to teach you how to construct scalable Spring Boot applications. You'll learn how to deploy them in -- setting them up for long-term success. You’ll learn how to design for scalability from the start.


Building Cloud Native Applications with Quarkus, GraalVM and some AI – Antonio Goncalves, Georgios A... 

Tuesday, October 3, 13:30 - 16:30. Location: BOF 1

This hands-on lab is not just about adopting new Java frameworks like Quarkus, but rather how to rethink Java for the cloud-native era. We’ll explore how to achieve faster start-up times and lower memory footprints. And when you add AI, we’ll demonstrate how just a few lines of code can turn your application into a storytelling powerhouse.


RPG Assistant: Helping Forgetful Dungeon Masters' with AI-Driven World Management – Bruno Borges, Jo...

Tuesday, October 3, 16:50 - 17:20. Location: Room 9

This tools-in action session showcases the practical use of AI in world management, specifically for Dungeon Masters in role-playing games. Using Semantic Kernel SDK for Java, the session illustrates the possibilities AI can bring into interactive storytelling and dynamic character management, opening up new horizons beyond conventional applications.

Semantic Kernel: AI orchestration for intelligent apps – Bruno Borges, John Oliver

Thursday, October 5, 13:50 - 14:40. Location: Room 7

This conference talk drills deeper into the nuts and bolts of integrating AI into Java applications. We’ll cover Semantic Kernel's open-source SDK, which allows for seamless integration of multiple AI services, essentially giving your Java applications a simulated "brain" and a broad range of "skills."


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Connect with our experts

We invite you to take the conversations from the sessions into your professional networks. Our speakers are readily available to continue the dialog on LinkedIn and Twitter. Connect with our speakers on their respective social media platforms to stay updated on their latest insights and projects.

Our conference team at Devoxx includes:

  • Sandra Ahlgrimm, Senior Cloud Advocate specializing in Java at Microsoft. LinkedIn | Twitter
  • Bruno Borges, Principal Program Manager for Microsoft's Java Engineering Group. LinkedIn | Twitter
  • Mark Heckler, Principal Cloud Advocate specializing in Java/JVM languages at Microsoft. LinkedIn | Twitter
  • Antonio Goncalves, Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft on Azure and Java. LinkedIn | Twitter
  • Sean Li, Sr. Program Manager at Microsoft. LinkedIn 
  • John Oliver, Principal Software Engineer in Microsoft's Java Engineering Group.


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Join us at Devoxx Belgium 2023

These efforts underscore Microsoft's commitment to empowering developers through the synergies between Java and AI. To join the conversation, register for Devoxx Belgium 2023 today!






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