January Azure Gurus Announced!
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First published on MSDN on Feb 19, 2016

Authored by Peter Laker

The votes are in for another month, and we have two new medals in the Azure category of the TechNet Wiki Technical Guru competition!

Every month, judges vote to decide which contributions to TechNet Wiki were best. Each category of the competition has 4-8 judges that are either MVPs, or from Microsoft and represent or work directly on that technology, or from the TechNet Wiki Council. For a list of previous competitions, entries and more about the competition itself, read here .

January had a couple of interesting articles which I'd like to bring your attention to:

Microsoft Azure Technical Guru - January 2016

Chilberto Azure File Storage - On-premises Folder Sync JH : "Small and simple. A good one."
AS : "Good article. It will be also good to mention that it is prerequisite to create the file share first."

Steef-Jan Wiggers Upload a document to Azure Blob Storage programmatically JH : "Nice one. Haven't thought that this one was missing in the wiki."
AS : "It will be good to mention why we chose CloudBlockBlob as opposed to CloudPageBlob and CloudFile and explain differences."

You will notice a comments column, from a couple of the judges. Not all judges add comments to votes, and sometimes we don't have room to publish all the comments.

Azure File Storage - On-premises Folder Sync

Chilberto gives us some insight to a common problem, as he moves an e-commerce website to an Azure Web App. In this scenario, Chilberto explains how he uses Azure File Storage, with some handy code snippets.

Upload a document to Azure Blob Storage

Steef-Jan Wiggers is one of our more prolific contributors, and you may have already read Ed's tribute to his work here . In this article, similar to Chilberto, Steef-Jan shows us how to upload to Azure Blob Storage.

Are YOU a GURU too?

You will notice there were only two entries in January's Guru competition. It was indeed a quieter category last month.

February's competition however, already has four entries from three authors:

If you would like to join our Hall of Heroes, and become famous in your Azure technologies, here's your chance !
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