Interview with a Microsoft MVP and Azure Development Ninja – Ryen Tang
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First published on MSDN on Apr 02, 2017

Authored by Ed Price

Today’s interview is with a Microsoft MVP and Azure Dev Ninja, Ryen Tang!

Ryen Kia Zhi Tang


Some of Ryen’s statistics:

  • 8,752 Recognition Points

  • 15 Gallery Contributions with 17,282 Downloads!

  • 17 Wiki Articles and 313 Wiki Edits

Ryen's Blog:

Some of Ryen's Gallery items:

Some of Ryen’s Wiki articles:

Ryen has done so much! Let’s get to the interview!


Who are you, where are you, and what do you do?

I am Ryen (Kia Zhi) Tang.  I am based in Auckland, New Zealand and have been living in New Zealand over 10 years.  I was originally from Singapore – where I started my IT career as a system consultant.  Currently I am working as a Lead Engineer for Spark NZ Ltd providing Microsoft technologies consultation and infrastructure solution for our government and enterprise clients.

What are your big projects right now?

Personally, I am focusing closely on Nano Server developments and finding use case for infrastructure or application implementation in large enterprise environment for Spark NZ and our clients. I am working on Wiki articles related Azure and Nano Server. I’m also spending R&D time for SQL Server on RedHat, System Center 2016 upgrades and Microsoft Azure Stack environment. And lastly, I have to work on my Windows Server 2016 certifications.

Why is the TechNet and MSDN community valuable?

I see that TechNet Wiki serves as a centralized collaborative knowledgebase on how to design, implement and manage Microsoft technologies according to the experiences gained by experts around the globe.  The TechNet/MSDN community is a great place for a wide range of audience to also co-create ideas or solutions, ranging from IT fresh starters to experts and leaders.

What do you do with the TechNet/MSDN community?

I enjoy contributing on TechNet, related to Microsoft technologies implementation using mostly PowerShell and sharing knowledge I gained from my job.  I also make great use of TechNet and MSDN as a channel to gain others’ insights they’ve learnt from their experiences, which in turn help me in bringing unstructured ideas to live – fast tracking solving certain challenges at work at times.

In what other sites and communities do you contribute your technical knowledge?

During my free time, I will blog , do a little bit of tweeting , write some PowerShell codes that will be post in TechNet Gallery or read TechNet Forum and answer some questions. From time to time, I attend conferences and communities meetups to participate in discussion and share my knowledge or view.

On what articles do you spend most of your time?

Since we all have to spend time wisely, I am spending most of my time on Microsoft Azure and Nano Server articles because of my personal interest. I focus on these areas because of global public cloud infrastructure trend and values gain from the new born in the cloud operating system that is leaner and meaner than before which may introduce to NZ IT Industry in near future.

What are your favorite articles you’ve contributed?

My favourite article is Windows Nano Server: Virtualization with VMware vSphere .  At the time I drafted the article, there was no complete article out there that demonstrated in detail on how to deploy a Nano Server into VMware vSphere.  I also enjoyed that fact that I received a lot of positive feedbacks and questions.  This inspired me to improve this Wiki article content regularly closely after Microsoft product group released Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 3 to 5. Since that article was published, I've expanded it to other Wiki articles, such as:

Do you have any tips for new community authors?

Honestly, I’m still learning to be a good author and do have my own challenges. Therefore, I advise new authors to focus on a technology where you have a lot of interest in, share your knowledge or experience on technology where your strength is and always have good references on the topic for audiences to follow up further about the topic if required. It is fine to make mistake along the way and we have a great community that can assist you if needed.

Finally, my last advice to all contributors would be for them to always remember that a high quality article will pay off in terms of building you a reputation. Your contribution in this digital age community is like a market place where one may get noticed once it is published online. (Just like salt water fishing, once you cast our bait and you will start to get some nibbles.)


Thank you Ryen for your community contributions!

Keep your head in the Cloud,

– Ninja Ed
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