#DevDecember Week 5: It’s a (festive) wrap
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The end of #DevDecember is near, and we’re ready to kick off 2021. To help you mark the transition and start anew, we’ve created digital New Year postcards in three designs that you can adapt and share with fellow devs, friends, and family. Download the New Year cards on our #DevDecember homepage.




Before we hit send, let’s take one more look in the rearview mirror.  

Each week, we asked for your #DevDecember thoughts, starting with the ways you grew this year as developer, and moving on to what communities had your back, what inspired you, and what projects and challenges you were most looking forward to in 2021. Check out what fellow devs shared. 


Week 1What helped us grow professionally 

Beginner's series to JavaScript  

Taking your first steps toward mastering a new programming language is exciting, but it can also feel overwhelming. To help you get started with JavaScript, we've created short and easy-to-consume videos that break down the key concepts you need to know. 

Start watching the series

Agrotech IoT workshop 

Want to grow your professional IoT skills? Your first stop may be the garden. Get your hands dirty with a workshop on how to build an internet-connected device to gather soil moisture data that will tell you (by lighting up an LED) if a plant needs watering. 

Start digging in

Bringing browser developer tools to Visual Studio Code 

One of our favorite releases in 2020 was the Microsoft Edge Tools for VS Code extension, designed to simplify workflows. Connect to an existing browser instance, start a new one, or use a “headless” browser. 

Explore the extension

Building a first "Power Apps"​ app 

@JoeCamp13 built an app to track inventory entirely with Power Apps. His explanation of how he did it, is illustrated with screenshots so you can follow along. 

Start the walkthrough

Week 2: How the community came together 

Live coding community 

Learn from the best on Twitch! Watch devs code live, and connect and ask questions in real time. Find out how joining Microsoft’s virtual community can speed up learning new skills and languages. 
Watch an intro video on Twitch and live coding (25 min) 

The ReadMe Project 

Behind the open-source code used by millions of people are the unseen efforts of countless contributors, who put in long hours to build software, fix issues, and more. Meet some of the people making contributions, including veterans who find the teamwork required for open-source collaboration a natural fit.  

Read their inspiring stories 


Remote collaboration with Live Share in Visual Studio Code 

With Live Share, you can instantly share your project with fellow developers. No need to clone a repo or set up the environment. It’s a one-stop, real-time collaboration tool for pairing, code reviews, technical interviews, boot camps, and more. 

Watch a short video on how to set up Live Share (5 min) 


From the open source cookbook

Cooking up code is a bit like developing food recipes. The more people who test your recipe, the more it's likely to guarantee that what lands on your plate is what you intended. 

Browse our crowdsourced cookbook with free code recipes 

Week 3: What inspired us 

IoT and Azure help with family chores  

With everyone at home, dishes pile up faster, garbage accumulates, and chores must be done more frequently. To keep track in real time what chores need to be completed and by when, Scott Hanselman built an IoT solution, using sensors, a web-based heatmap, and notifications.  

Check out how to build Chores IoT 


The Developer Activity Book  

Taking your mind off what you’re working on is sometimes the best way to get inspiration. The Developer Activity Book features family-friendly fun, including seven coloring pages, a crossword puzzle, a word search, and a logic puzzle.  

Get the Developer Activity Book 


2020 Imagine Cup World Championship 

The Imagine Cup World Championship encourages students across the globe to innovate using Microsoft Azure. Finalist teams created technological solutions to tackle pressing global issues. Get inspired by their passion and the incredible projects they created. 

Watch the recap (3 minutes) 


Plastic Origins Project 

Most of the plastic that ends up in the oceans comes from inland sources. In this episode of CodeStories, Seth Juarez shows how developers can use AI to address this problem by monitoring microplastic and tracking ocean-bound plastic waste. 

Watch the video (13 minutes) 

Week 4: Looking forward to new challenges 

Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors  

In 2020, we launched the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors program, where students can join a global community of peers, connect with mentors, learn the skills they need to land a dream job, and make a difference. Applications are open year-round, and we will accept hundreds more Student Ambassadors in 2021. 
Learn more about the program 


Speed up development 

What does it take to go from idea to development without detours? Best-in-class tools and product management are two of the things that boost velocity, a new McKinsey report found. Find out how to get stuff done faster in 2021 with this and other real-world strategies.  

Read the McKinsey report on how to boost developer velocity


Learning to code 

Intimidated by the idea of learning a new programming language? We’ve got a few ways to make it easier so 2021 is the year you make it happen. Download Visual Studio Code, then dive into tutorials and other resources that you can go through at your own pace. 

Learn to program with Visual Studio Code


Predicting meteor showers using Python and VS Code 

Shooting for the moon in 2021? This session may provide inspiration. Dr G explains what meteor showers are and how data science is used to predict these events. No coding experience required. 

Watch the recorded live stream (50 min)  


Finally, before we raise a glass, cup, or mug to 2021, we’d like to thank all of you who have shared #DevWithABev pictures during the month. We’ve discovered a few new beverages and flavors to sip :smile:.   


Here’s to new projects and new adventures! Happy New Year! 

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