#DevDecember Week 2 Recap: Community
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When you're starting a new dev project or tackling coding problemsit helps to build on the knowledge of others. In 2020 especially, a helping hand was more than welcome!  


Slide_18_1_Recap.pngSo in our second week of #DevDecember, we are taking some time to celebrate the efforts of the dev community.  


We’d love to hear how the dev community came through for you in 2020. Did you get assistance learning a new language? Did someone else inspire your project? Share your version of this week’s fill-in-the-blank and tag your thoughts as #DevDecember.  


Now, let's review this week’s highlights: 

Live coding community 

Learn from the best on Twitch! Watch devs code live, and connect and ask questions in real time. Find out how joining Microsoft’s virtual community can speed up learning new skills and languages. 
Watch an intro video on Twitch and live coding (25 min)


The ReadMe Project 

Behind the open-source code used by millions of people are the unseen efforts of countless contributors, who put in long hours to build software, fix issues, and more. Meet some of the people making contributions, including veterans who find the teamwork required for open source collaboration a natural fit.  

Read their inspiring stories 


Remote collaboration with Live Share in Visual Studio Code 

With Live Share, you can instantly share your project with fellow developers. No need to clone a repo or set up the environment. It’s a one-stop, real-time collaboration tool for pairing, code reviews, technical interviews, boot camps, and more. 

Watch a short video on how to set up Live Share (5 min) 


From the open source kitchen 

Cooking up code is a bit like developing food recipes. The more people who test your recipe, the more it's likely to guarantee that what lands on your plate is what you intended. 

Browse our crowdsourced cookbook with free code recipes  


Before we call it a wrap, don’t forget to check in with #DevWithABev, developer-with-a-beverage selfies. Add to the collection with a pic of yourself and a favorite holiday beverage, and tag it #DevWithABev.  


Next week, we’ll talk about what inspired us in 2020. Keep following #DevDecember, and check out our homepage for more info! 

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