Dapr extension for AKS is available in 7 new regions
Published Apr 12 2023 11:04 AM 3,784 Views

Dapr is a developer framework for building cloud-native applications, making it easier to run multiple microservices on Kubernetes and interact with external state stores/databases, secret stores, pub/sub brokers, and other cloud services and self-hosted solutions. The Dapr extension for AKS is now enabled in 7 new regions in Europe & Asia:

  • Brazil South
  • France South
  • Japan West
  • Korea South
  • South India
  • UAE North
  • UK West

With the addition of these regions, you can leverage:

  • New Dapr features, including:
    • Dapr Workflow
    • Publish and subscribe to bulk messages
    • The pluggable component SDK
    • The Multi-App Run template
    • Stable resiliency policies
  • Many fixes in the core runtime and components


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