Create formulas using shared image gallery images in DevTest Labs
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You can now create a formula in DevTest Labs using a shared image gallery image. Formulas provide a dynamic way to create virtual machines from the desired configuration/settings. Formulas are typically helpful in scenarios where your environment  changes on a regular basis and you cannot bake all components of your software into the image itself. For example, a build generated on a nightly basis that needs to be installed on every machine at fresh create. 


Such changes in the environment can be captured on the fly via artifacts and are installed when the machine is created using the formula. For example, if you want a VM installed with the latest bits from your release pipeline or enlist the latest code from your repository, you can simply specify an artifact that deploys the latest bits or enlists the latest code in the formula together with a target base image. Whenever this formula is used to create virtual machines, the latest bits/code are deployed/enlisted to the VM.


With this feature, alongside gallery images and lab custom images, you can also select a shared image gallery image as a base image to create a formula from. Learn more about managing formulas in DevTest Labs




Now lets talk a little bit about shared image galleries. If you have a large number of managed images that you need to maintain and would like to make them available throughout your company, you can use a shared image gallery as a repository that makes it easy to update and share your images. The Shared Image Gallery service takes care of:

  • Managing global replication of images
  • Versioning and grouping of images for easier management
  • Make your images highly available with Zone Redundant Storage (ZRS) accounts in regions that support availability zones. ZRS offers better resilience against zonal failures.
  • Sharing across subscriptions, and even between tenants, using role-based access control (RBAC).

DevTest Labs supports integration with Shared image gallery to help you share IT approved custom images across multiple dev teams set up across multiple subscriptions. Simply attach an existing shared image gallery to your lab and whitelist specific images you would like to make available for your team. Learn more on configuring a shared image gallery for a lab.


Try this feature today and let us know what you think. If you have an idea, submit your feedback (or vote for others) at the Azure DevTest Labs feedback forum.


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