Azure Static Web Apps CLI is now GA (general availability)
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What is Azure Static Web Apps or SWA (Static Web Apps)

Azure Static Web Apps is a service that's perfect for your full stack as well as static files projects. Yes, you heard that correctly. Regardless if you are dealing with:

  • A static resume site
  • SPA application
  • Static site generator like Gatsby etc

Azure Static Web Apps is there for you and enables you to deploy your files to Azure.

how does that work?

When you create an Azure resource, it connects your GitHub repo to Azure via workflow file in yaml. This ensures that all your future work can be pushed to Azure with nothing but Git and GitHub.

Sounds like it's worth trying? If, so have a look at these resources

What is Azure Static Web Apps CLI?

It's a CLI you run from your console. With it, you can do a lot of things like the below:

  • Work on your JAMstack app locally
  • Built-in framework detection
  • Serverless support
  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Login to Azure
  • Deploy & Ship from the CLI
  • New documentation site

Check it out, how it can accelerate your workflow building SWA apps :)

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