Azure Advocates Weekly Round Up - It's October!
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The microservices/serverless confusion
Lucie Simeckova

Stakeholders expect to develop faster when we use serverless and microservices. We ignore best practices and essential steps. Are you aware of what things we overlook to deliver more quickly? 


Azure functions vs firebase functions

If we compare the serverless function compute services of Azure and Firebase based on execution speed, ease of development and ease of deployment, we come to a conclusion that serverless functions run more efficiently on Azure than on Google Cloud Platform.


Azure Durable Functions | PowerShell 7 | Chaining Pattern

In this article, you can learn how provisioning your Azure Function with identity assign to interact on Azure, deploy your first Durable Function (runtime PowerShell), infrastructure as a code using Serverless, It's a perfect combination.


Azure Stack Hub Partner Solutions Series – Datacom
Thomas Maurer

Datacom is an Azure Stack Hub partner that provides both multi-tenant environments, as well as dedicated ones. They focus on providing value to their customers and meeting them where they are by providing managed services as well as complete solutions. Datacom focuses on a number of customers ranging from large government agencies as well as enterprise customers. Join the Datacom team as we explore how they provide value and solve customer issues using Azure and Azure Stack Hub.


Serverless web apps with Blazor and Azure Functions

In this video I will show you how I’ve built Serverless Ponies, a game designed by my 9 year old daughter. We finally found a way to combine our respective interests of Azure architecture and cute ponies. The video covers the implementation of the front-end using Blazor and JavaScript interop to re-use existing libraries, as well as the back-end implementation using the latest Azure Durable Functions 2.0 features.


Faster Querying with Serverless Materialized Views

The materialized view pattern is a great way to make complex, expensive, and slow queries return in minimal time. And serverless is a great platform to power the generation and update of your materialized views due to its great support for event-driven programming and the excellent scalability to handle unpredictable workload volumes. Life is even easier if you choose to use the Cosmos DB change feed to drive your materialized view creation as it seamlessly integrates with Azure Functions. In this article, we look at the benefits of the materialized view pattern and show a simple example of how it can be implemented with Azure Functions and the Cosmos DB change feed.


Docker image deploy: from VSCode to Azure in a click
Lucas Santos

In this article, we explore the newest Docker CLI integration with Azure via VSCode


Look back at chat from a meeting in Microsoft Teams
Sarah Lean

Someone asked me if they could go back and check on the chat from a Microsoft Teams meeting so I've listed the options in this quick blog for doing that. Podcast - Azure Architecture with Thomas Maurer
Thomas Maurer

Last week I had the honor to speak with Mike Pfeiffer on his post cast, about Azure Architecture, and much more. This is my second appearance in the podcast, last year I was speaking about Azure Hybrid Cloud Management. In this episode of the podcast, Mike Peiffer and I dive into Azure Architecture. Learn about Enterprise-Scale Landing Zones, Azure Bicep, the Well-Architected Framework, and more.


Blog/ GitHub Actions and ARM Template Toolkit for Bicep Codes Linting (EN)
Justin Yoo

This post shows how to validate ARM templates generated by Bicep locally and integrate with GitHub Actions workflow.


Blog/ Build and Lint Bicep Codes within CI/CD Pipelines: GitHub Actions & ARM Template Toolkit
Justin Yoo

This post shows how to validate ARM templates generated by Bicep locally and integrate with GitHub Actions workflow.


First look at Azure Automanage
Sarah Lean

First look at Azure Automanage and how to set it up. 


Passed AZ-303 and AZ-304 Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect
Thomas Maurer

I just got the great mail in my inbox that I passed the AZ-303 Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies and AZ-304 Microsoft Azure Architect Design exams to receive and renew the Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification. Back in 2015 I received my first MCSD Azure Solutions Architect certification and renewed it in 2019. A couple of weeks back I took the new AZ-303 and AZ-304 beta exams online, to future proof my knowledge on Azure cloud architecture. When you take a beta exam you get the test results after a couple of days the exam in generally launched, and today was the day.


Augmented Analytics With PySpark and Sentiment Analysis
Adi Polak

In this tutorial, you will learn how to enrich COVID19 tweets data with a positive sentiment score. You will leverage PySpark and Cognitive Services and learn about Augmented Analytics.


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