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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Help with Ninja Trainings


Hi community!


I would love to hear your feedback / thoughts for the Ninja trainings. I'm updating the Defender for Endpoint and Microsoft 365 Defender Ninja trainings, and I'm wondering

  • is the legend (little icons) for the individual links useful?
  • Are the two roles still good? “Security Operations” and “Security Administrator”
  • If content is relevant for SecOps and SecAdmin, should I keep adding them to both?
  • What's missing in the structure?
  • Anything else I should be thinking of?


Thanks for your help!! :)


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@Heike Ritter , it will help if for each training, we can see the date. The new portal for MDO for example is different in some areas from the old one.

for example: when trying to review and download a message for a suspicious inbound email, i see that these options are grayed out, when switch to the old portal, i can review the message. When searching this issue on Microsoft documentation, it mentioned to ad the "Preview" role. I could not find that role.

This a example is for common activities that we are doing on a daily bases. This is requiring us to switch back to the old portal, which makes a bad user experience.

This is the reason why transparency on how old the training is important.

Thank you, very helpful!! Usually the trainings should have a date for when it was last updated - but it doesn't mean, that older links have been removed - often we add new stuff only. That's why its time to redo some of them entirely.

@Heike Ritter 

Hello Heike. I appreciate all material posted. Very useful.


Something I would also appreciate is an episode focused into show the differences of Defender for Endpoint family. 


As you know, there are several plans that a customer can choose, and sometimes they become confused when some features in P2 subscription are not present in P1.


This is also true for customers who opt for Microsoft Defender for Business, "another product" which is an intermediate version of Defender for Endpoints which includes more features than P1, but less than P2.   


The point is that would be very useful if a Microsoft Defender expert could show/explain transparently the differences & limitations of these similar products. Certainly, it would help to clarify this subject for partners and end customers, most of them eager to get the best security solution but also taking care of company budget.


Kind Regards

Thank you Marcelo!
Not sure yet how this can be included in the Ninja Training, but I am planning an episode on the Virtual Ninja Show on exactly this topic!