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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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connection between MDE and MEM doesn't work

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i can't connect the MDE with Intune , i activated the connection but doesn't work : thnx for your help








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@Zied_Berrima , I'm not sure if you actually connected MDE and Intune. If you have the licenses, then first go to and click on Advanced Features. Then flip the switch Microsoft Intune Connection to On. You will then see that a little later, the connection status changes to Enabled.



When the connection status is enabled, connect the OS  you want to enroll but also make sure to configure the EDR policy to actually onboard the devices. Have a look at the example below.




You can configure the EDR policy by browsing to the Enpoint Security Management blade.



Don't forget to configure other settings...


Hope this helps


@Oktay Sari 


thank you very much for your help, but the problem I think is a bug in the microsoft portal, I found it activated this morning, since the day of the publication of this question everything is grayed out and I couldn't do anything

note: I follow you on your web site and I really appreciate your articles, please keep going

Hi @Zied_Berrima,


Strange behavior but I'm happy to hear it works now. Thank you for reading my blogs. Much appreciated! I'm working on the next post for later this week :smile:.  

I have exactly the same issue!

It's look like a bug.

Some colleagues see Enable.

3 = Enable

2 = Unavailable

I also have a connector refresh fail.