Change to Advanced Hunting portal query limit

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Not sure if this belongs here or over in the Defender for Office discussions, but it looks as if there has been another rearrangement of the Advanced Hunting page and I am now reduced to 6 queries in the My Queries folder. I had rather more. Is this just a temporary thing, are my other queries just lost behind an interface change or have they gone for good?


Yes, I should have kept an off-tenancy copy and fortunately I've been active enough to have copies elsewhere that I can recover most of the innovation, but it looks as if a lot of the fiddly chart-rendering I had done has gone.

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It appears to just have been temporary. I logged back on on Sunday, and the portal was back to normal. Needless to say there was then a great deal of copying and pasting!

The ancient commandment still holds true: "Thou shalt back up thy data, or make sure that some other [person] does."