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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Attack Simulation Training in Chinese showing as garbled character

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Hi All, 


We recently moved to a new mail security gateway and initiated an attack simulation training from Microsoft. The scenario include 2 recipient; one from exchange online(EXO) and the other is exchange 2019 mailbox(OP). 


OP mail flow will go through mail security gateway before delivering to enduser while EXO go through EOP. Thing is using same payload and simulation, email to OP user always show as garbled and the link inside will contain a space which break the link. Meanwhile email to EXO works just fine. 


I believe it has something to do with the encoding, does anyone come around this issue before? 


Thanks Y'all

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It's my understanding that the attack simulator is for mailboxes on direct connections to EXO. Anything hybrid will not work.

Writing and editing payloads for the simulator will very rapidly teach you how diabolically difficult it is to write an HTML formatted message that works for all recipient mail clients, even before we consider the idiosyncrasies of the payload editor. I can only recommend that you begin with simple payloads and test methodically.