Questions about Defender for office 365 in E5

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Hello ! I have some questions about Defender for office 365 :


Plan 2 is included in E5. Activating plan 2 also activates plan 1. But is there any possibility to activate only plan 1? In my E5 products I see a "Microsoft defender" and a "Defender for office 365 plan 2". Is the "Microsoft defender" product actually plan 1? Or is it perhaps Defender for Endpoint?


Let's say I have 100 users in E5 and I activate Defender plan 2 for them. I also have 100 users in E1, I want them to have Defender for office 365, do I have to take plan 2 from them (Microsoft says yes, but I doubt it)? Or can I take them the plan 1 only?


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You can mix and match licenses, buy plan 1 for some users plan 2 for others, or you can activate only certain features when assigning licenses. 


If you decide to mix and match licenses you should scope your technology to the users that have the license. This article has a great walkthrough of those design decisions and how to scope properly. 

Microsoft 365 guidance for security & compliance - Service Descriptions | Microsoft Docs


Thanks for your reply, have a good day !