Office 365 Defender Phishing Simulation - No Templates

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A couple of months ago we upgraded from E3 plan to E5 plan.


My understanding is the E5 Plan gives us full access to Office 365 Defender Phishing Simulation & Training.


Using a global admin account, if I try to setup a simple policy for a Credential Simulation Attack in my org there is not a single pre-configured template displayed to use for this :-(. Basically no templates anywhere, only training videos.


Does anyone know what causes no templates to show in a O365 tenant?


When I work through the MS training videos they shows plenty of example templates to choose from without having to resort to designing your own.


There is a thread on a Sophos forum about a year ago suggesting Microsoft may have taken all the Templates away due to some copyright issue. Some others have suggested they couldn't see them due to a setup issue on their tenant or it was a problem after they migrated from a 90 trial.


Grateful if anyone can shed any light on this.


Thanks in advance

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