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Apr 13 2023, 07:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PDT)
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MS 365 Defender AIR UI changes


Hello, I've run into an interesting scenario:

Changes were noticed within 365 Defender on 8/1/2022. The changes revolve around the way MDO investigations and alerts are displayed in the console. I attached a screenshot showing the changes (left side) and expected navigation (right side). The chart below gives a summary of the attached screenshot.

  Changes (left side of screen) Expected (right side of screen)
Email & collaboration -> Investigations missing visible
Incident & alerts -> Alerts -> Filter -> Microsoft Defender for Office 365 missing visible
Incident & alerts -> Email & collaboration alerts new navigation option n/a (MDO alerts are visible under Alerts)


Looking for an explanation of why this is seen in one tenant but not others.  How widespread is this change?  Any help or direction would be appreciated

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Hi @Pedro_Espinoza , this looks like it might be better suited for the Defender for Office 365 Community so have moved it for you! @Giulian Garruba any advice here?
Thanks Trevor. Turns out the issue was due the customer having a P1 service plan and not the P2 service plan (thought the customer was on a P2 plan). The behavior of not having investigations and having email and collaborations as a separate section with incidents is consistent with a customer that only has the P1 plan.