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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Limit access to Quarantine (and only quarantine)

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The enduser quarantine is reachable at


Based on our security policies, we have limited access using Conditional Access and the cloud app “Microsoft Admin Portals.” Consequently, no user can directly access the quarantine.

We have made the necessary exceptions to ensure the quarantine functions properly.

However, there is an issue: Users without proper permissions can still navigate extensively within the portal. For example:

  • On the left-side navigation, they can click on “Start.”
  • Within the “Next steps” section, there is a link to “Advanced Hunting.” Although they cannot perform any actions there, the link remains accessible.
  • Additionally, under “Additional Resources,” users can click on any admin center, albeit with limited functionality.

Is there anyone with an idea on how to restrict users to the quarantine area only, preventing access to other sections of the portal?

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There's nothing else you can do. it's up to Microsoft to "clean" things up a bit. Try leaving feedback here:

@VasilMichev thanks for your answer. I thought so.


Feedback is live: Limit access to Quarantine (and only quarantine) for endusers within Defender for Office 365 · Commu...


Let's spread the world and vote it up. I think everyone that uses the quarantine needs this. #ThisIsOurCommunity