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Good afternoon,


We're currently using Symantec Email Security but are considering moving to Exchange Online Protection with Microsoft Defender for Office. One feature that seems to be missing from the Microsoft stack is the ability to block inappropriate images in-path and redirect to quarantine / another mailbox for approval. Not all images should be blocked (so we can't use a file filter), only inappropriate images. I'm aware of Purview Communication Compliance, but this provides a retrospective view on compliance rather than blocking at the time.


Does anyone know of any services (MS or 3rd party) that can be bolted on for this functionality?




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Way back in 2009 I conducted an evaluation between Webroot, Cisco IronPort and your solution, then known as MessageLabs. Despite digging, I cannot find the result but I do recollect that efficacy was all over the place for all three products. Any single image would not even score with the same broad degree of confidence in the three solutions; one would give a high-confidence verdict and another would give a verdict on the threshold of detection. Needless to say, there were also some false positives and I concluded that as a means of stopping a single potentially damaging mail, the technique was useless. The best it could do was warn us if someone was in the habit of receiving or mailing unsuitable images or building their own private collection.

In the end we went with Cisco Image Analysis until finally migrating to O365 in 2018. By then, grubby mails had become a rarity as personal prurient material had largely migrated to private mobile devices. In addition to handling user mailboxes for other reasons, we operate a fairly effective web proxy and I would have expected any ongoing trend to be picked up by other means if it was slipping in (no euphemism intended) via O365.