How to exclude Blocked sender's form End user quarantine notification/Digest

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We have end user notification policy in place.

Whenever user blocks a sender from Quarantine notification/Digest and next day if we receive email from same sender, it's in quarantine then again quarantine notification/digest will say same stating email from xyz is in quarantine eventhought it was blocked yesterday by same user.


This seems to be by design:

As article say to create a Transport Rule.


I created one with 

Condition as header matches following keywords or phrases 

Header x-forefrontAntispamreport & Value = SFV:SKN.

How this not work, I am not sure if transport rule does not accept this header feild( Because some rule works when I say header = From) or its something to do with priority.



Oall am trying to achieve here is once sender is blocked by user in Enduser quarantine notification then onwards that sender should not be shown again in notification.

I think we need to some how delete/emails from blocked senders in quarantine

However i only can think of transport rule as of now but that's not working.


Any suggestions/thoughts are appreciated, Thank you.

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Sore spot for me and my customers as well. Digest getting longer and longer. Blocking does nothing. The point is to NOT get them in the digest without writing code for each SPAM sender.