Considering changing spam filter

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Hello, new to Defender. We currently have a spam filter that filters all inbound and outbound email. We're thinking about dropping it and going with EOP. I'm assuming many here have gone that route already. How was the experience?
How is it working for you now?

Were/Are there many false positives?

Heaven forbid, but does anyone find the MS product LESS capable than a Mimecast, Proofpoint, Barracuda, or SpamTitan type service?

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Not great, you definitely pay less than you pay for Mimecast for example, we get many false positives, you also get some phishing emails slip from it. I think the best approach is to teach the end user to differentiate between phishing/spam email vs legit ones.

One annoying thing, we still can’t Customise the quarantine report or change the delivery time.

Some of the nice features, scanning email and Teams links, scanning the attachments before delivering the message.

Hope this helps and happy to answer any questions!
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