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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Automate email soft delete Approval

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Hello Everyone, our security team creating Email Soft delete actions based on the investigations. An admin needs to approve those soft delete actions. Does anyone know how we can automate the approval of Email Soft delete action ? As of now, Microsoft dont have option to do this

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there is no automation capability for the pending actions. NO previews as far as I know.
I came here looking for something on this as surely I must have been missing an obvious switch somewhere to permit this.
given all the other automation, ZAP, filtering, etc etc why wouldn't we want the service to just bin off the odd email that gets through!
stuff soft delete, I don't care if you burn this thing off to a DVD and shred it - just get it away from the user!

how is this not even something i can enable! insanity!

The biggest thing is that this is messages that should never have made it through to the mailbox. one today looks exactly like one of the microsoft phishing simulation emails (but isn't) and it made it through. the automatic investigation has then realised its high probability phish but then does nothing