Attack Simulator creating a payload - Dynamic Tags

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I have a few questions when creating a payload and the use of the dynamic tags. It could be a setting I'm unaware of or something not configured correctly.


1. Is there a way to define how the dynamic tags pull information? Currently, the tag ${userName} is pulling it LastName, FirstName and I would like to have it FirstName LastName so it looks more authentic.

2. The dynamic tag ${date} does not pull the date it actually displays "${date}" when the payload (email) is sent.

3. Is there a list of dynamic tags and their mappings?


Thank you for any help,


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Hey Jerid, first off thanks for reaching out..

We are looking at having more dynamic tags. The username is your Display Name that you have set for the recipient. We know that a lot of organisations format their Display Name differently, and more dynamic tags such as firstname and lastname will enable you to be more flexible in your payload creation.

Keep looking out for more tags in the future.

Thank you for your reply, I appreciate it! @Cam Murray 

Oh yes, this would be hugely appreciated @Cam Murray. Having the "Dear ${firstName}" salutation would really help when simulating spear phishing.