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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Archive Email Search across all emails going back 3 years or more

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In Mimecast I am able to perform an archive search on emails very quickly (less than 10 seconds) and easily being able to go back 5-10 years (we have a retention of 10yrs for Mimecast)

How can I do this with the 365 tooling that I have within the E5 license scope.


In Explorer in the Defender portal, I can only go back 30 days, so want to know how I would go about doing this for say 3-5yrs using Microsoft tools.


Example, I want to look for any emails from joe.bloggs@gmail sent to any of our users going back 3 or 5yrs without having to do a full eDiscovery each time which is extremely time consuming.


Do Microsoft have any plans to have a similar way to easily search through all corporate email quickly and efficiently as it really seems like a no-brainer product that Microsoft could give to their users, and would mean they wouldn't have to rely on third-party tooling to do this in a field where Microsoft really should be stronger.


I asked the same question the other day on reddit as I was hoping that I was missing something, but it seems that it is a feature that is lacking at the moment. Thought I would also raise the question here as well in the hope that someone has a suggestion of what we could use that may work and would be faster than a full blown eDiscovery, or maybe even get the attention of someone at MS that has the ability to create such a needed feature.

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