Advanced Delivery Permissions

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I am currently trying to use the new Advanced Delivery policies. The user account I am using is a member of the Organization Management Exchange Online and I have give the account Security Adminstrator permission in


I still can't access the Advanced Delivery portal via the web portal and I am unable to use the New-SecOpsOverrideRule or New-SecOpsOverridePolicy.


Am I missing something else?

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It's a limited preview, I dont have them either. Best ask for clarification in the comments under the original blog post.
Thank you. I kept reading that it was available in June and I didnt see the last comment on the blog post where its now July.

@owenmurr That's correct - WW release of Advanced Delivery has been delayed until the end of this month. We are keeping the following MC post updated with timeline for customers: MC256473, (Updated) Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Introducing Advanced Delivery for Phishing Simulations and SecOps Mailboxes. Thank you for your patience. Looking forward to getting this feature out to customers.

@Sundeep_Saini Thank you. I will keep my on MC256473. I am looking forward for this feature to become available.