Webinar: Sentinel IT/OT Threat Monitoring

Join us on Thursday 28.7 for a webinar on Sentinel IT/OT Threat Monitoring with Defender for IoT solution.
Learn how Defender for IoT's built-in integration with Sentinel helps bridge the gap between IT and OT security.
There has been a long-standing split between ICS/SCADA (OT) and Corporate (IT) cybersecurity. This split was often driven by significant differences in technology/tooling. Microsoft Defender for IoT's integration with Microsoft Sentinel drives convergency by providing a single pane for coverage of both D4IOT (OT) and Microsoft Sentinel (IT) alerting. This solution includes Workbooks and Analytics rules providing a guide OT detection and Analysis.
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@amitcohen Is the webinar also about the way D4IOT alert and device information is made available to Sentinel when using the on-premise management console? As far as I can see, the current documentation is always assuming that a cloud connected sensor is used.

@mwittersict Defender for IoT integration to Sentinel can be done in two ways; either using cloud-connected sensors or non-cloud-connected sensors.

In the webinar, we will focus on the new integration that requires a cloud-connected sensor as a prerequisite, since most of the advanced features of a unified OT/IT SOC are available for that kind of integration.

Hello, has this webinar been recorded by any chance?

Hi @CindySvB2022,

Yes. You can find the recording here: