Weak password Report in Data Mining

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Hello Everyone,
Two feedback related to password report for sensor under Data mining and I really think it needs to be improved otherwise we trouble the site more rather than getting weak passwords changed:-

- All the sites with whom we shared report with weak passwords they requested to provide user account involved in this. Currently we don't see user account in the report and it would be better to include those as its difficult for local team to find it without user account

- Report shows weak credentials which are used by some tools like Qualys during probing. Meaning weak passwords in the report does not correspond to the real passwords in the systems. So report is showing no real passwords but more attempts to use weak passwords without success. At the end we cannot avoid such attempts .I think only those passwords should show in the report where successful attempt is made meaning its used really and not all passwords which doesn't make sense. There is no way we can do such exclusion in the report to avoid showing in the report again and again
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@Haaris_Faizan Thank you, we appreciate your feedback!

We will evaluate how these inputs can be incorporated into the weak password report to improve the network security posture.