Using Private Link Endpoints to communicate with IoT Hub

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Trying to research how to use the Private Link capability with IoT Hub.  I would like to have my sensors use the private link endpoint vs. the public endpoint.  Has anyone out there tried this?

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Hey Mike,

Using Private Link to directly connect your sensors with your IoT hub is not recommended, as some cloud features will not be supported. Starting with version 22.1, which is out today, you no longer need to provide an IoT hub at all.


If there is a need to connect your sensors to the cloud through private links, this can be achieved by connecting them by private link to a proxy residing in Azure.


@Yairzarka:  Thanks for the reply.  Can you point me to anything (docs or otherwise) that outlines what cloud features would not be available through private link? I need to be able to provide documentation about why this would not be available.


Also, version 22.1 of what service? (IoT Hub or D4IoT Sensor?




Jerry Carlisle

As connecting privately to the IoT hub is not an officially supported option, there is no documentation for what specific features would not be supported.

In general, cloud functionality such as automatic threat intelligence updates and cloud configurations would be impacted.