Using API to create exclusion in CM(Central Manager) Server

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Hello Everyone,

We can create API to create exclusion in CM based on different parameters like ttl, engines,SensorIds, subnets. However, giving ttl is mandatory otherwise exclusion can't be created.

But I want to create permanent(Without giving any TTL) exclusion for all sensors on my side for specific servers in all sensors except Malware engine.

Maybe we can create exclusion based on certain TTL values and make that API run at specific time interval to get the time TTL updated. Can we do this in CM ? I meant to say that can we schedule it in CM?
Any thought or other ideas based on the above requirement or scenario

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Hi, ttl is not mandatory, when no timeframe specified, the exclusion is always applied


Can you double check because I tested multiple times but it doesnt allow.TTL is mandatory while using API.

I wanted if TTL not mentioned it should be always

By design the parameter shouldn't be mandatory, let's take this offline to deeper check your specific use case.


But I think by design its mandatory which I dont want.

You can check internally for the same until we discuss it offline