TIL How to Transfer Files to/from cyberx docker host

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You may, or may not, have discovered that you cannot transfer files to/from the cyberx docker container directly with SCP/WinSCP as the image does not support that TTY capability.


This may be a roadblock if you want to: import TLS/SSL files, export/import a sensor backup .tar, ect.


To workaround this issue, we can transfer files to the cyberx_host host as an intermediatory and then to the cyberx docker host (eg. User Desktop <-> cyberx_host <-> cyberx).


Use the following process:

  • Copy files from use desktop to cyberx_host using SCP/WinSCP
  • As cyberx_host, determine cyberx docker ID


sudo docker ps | grep sensor-app


  • Copy files from cyberx_host to cyberx 


sudo docker cp /path/of/cyberx_host/source/file [docker ID]:/path/for/cyberx/dest/file


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