Sentinel OT | Solution Package Release V2.0.1

We are happy to announce that new content is now available in Microsoft Sentinel's content hub for the Defender for IoT solution package V2.0.1
In this release we are introducing set of new features available in the most up-to-date Microsoft Defender for IoT solution package:
  • Solution name changed to Microsoft Defender for IoT.

  • Enhanced management capabilities for Defender for IoT Content Hub Solution - See content deployed by in a single pane, easily manage that content. Fore more info click here.

  • Workbook improvements - The workbook now includes:

    • A new Overview dashboard with key metrics on the device inventory, threat detection, and security posture.

    • A new Vulnerabilities dashboard.



    • Improvements on the Device inventory dashboard, including access to device recommendations, vulnerabilities, and direct links to the Defender for IoT device details pages.  

  • Playbook updates - Solution now supports the following SOC automation functionality with new playbooks:

    • Automation with CVE details (Auto triage incidents with active CVEs)

    • Automation for email notifications to device owners.

    • Automation for incidents with sensitive devices

For more information, see Investigate Microsoft Defender for IoT incidents with Microsoft Sentinel.

2 Replies
i see 2.0.1 not 2.1 in my workspace when will this version show up?

Hi @Dean Gross,

V2.0.1 is the most updated version. Sorry for the typo.