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Apr 13 2023, 07:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PDT)
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Pcap player file upload

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Hello All,


I would like to upload multiple files to the Pcap player (System Settings->Pcap Player, see picture below) and let it run. However the browser dialog does not allow me to multi select.

As a result, if I have more than one pcap samples, I am supposed to upload them on by one. 


Is there a way to upload multiple files at once?


multi upload.PNG

Thank you in advance for your time!

Kind regards,


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You can simply click on upload ,browse and select all PCAP files at once and then you can play them all.



@Haaris_Faizan , this does not work with Brave and Ms Edge browsers. I am not able to select multiple files in the dialog.
Which browser are you using?

Google Chrome

It works for me with Ms Egde browser as well. When you browse to select PCAP files you have to press Ctrl key and select all required PCAPs. After that it will be uploaded.



Unfortunately, it does not work for me in either Brave, Google Chrome and Ms Edge.


I was previously using the older version of the sensor and then it was possible to select multiple files. After I switched to version 22.x this into a new VM this problem happened. 



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Then you might have to check with support if new version causing any such issues.
I am using older version so cant verify.
Myself and a customer have the same problem