Inventory dashboards and workbooks


Dear MDIoT community, 


This is you opportunity to make an impact! Please share with is what dashboards, summarized views, reports or workbooks would be beneficial for you around Device Inventory data. 

A couple of simple examples:

- Division of device subtypes per VLANs/site/importance 

- Report for all newly discovered devices over the past 14 days


Let us know what you think!


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I have few as mentioned below:-

- Division of devices based on authorized scanner or authorized programming asset
- Report for device deleted in last 2 weeks or 1 month
- Division of count of devices based on last activity like devices inactive in last 1 week,1 month,3 month, more than 6 month
- View of recent protocols discovered which is not seen earlier
- Classification of different alerts based on its count(Maybe its there I don't remember exactly)

@Haaris_Faizan thank you for this response!
QQ - in "Report for device deleted in last 2 weeks or 1 month" do you mean device that have been removed from the network? If so, how long would you say that it takes to mark a device as removed? 5 days of no communication?
Ideally we get notifications for devices which are inactive for 60 or more days in the device map.
But here what I meant is if any device deleted manually by user or it gets automatically deleted by changing properties in sensor we should be able to pull a report to see what are the devices deleted in last week or months. It doesnt matter for how long device is inactive.