Defender for IoT public webinars



These webinars will be held at 08:00-09:00 AM, PST. Sign-up at the links below!
FEB 23 Microsoft Defender for IoT | Cloud Capabilities and Security Advantages
In this session we will discuss the benefits of connecting Defender for IoT for OT/ICS environments to the cloud. Covering both security and manageability aspects and features and cross platform integrations
MAR 24 Better Together | Microsoft Sentinel - IT/OT Threat Monitoring with Defender for IoT Solution In this session we will discuss how Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft Defender for IoT are driving together a convergence of OT and Corporate cybersecurity disciplines in defense of critical infrastructure. This solution provides the foundation for building a SOC geared towards IoT/ OT monitoring. and is globally applicable for organizations defending both IT/OT-based networks
APR 6 Microsoft Defender for IoT | How to Discover and Secure IoT Devices in the Enterprise Environment In this session we will share how Microsoft Defender for IoT is leveraging multiple data sources (including an agentless solution and Microsoft Defender for Endpoints) to discover and secure IoT devices in enterprise networks. Printers, cameras, VoIP phones and other unmanaged devices are posing an increasing risk to enterprises, and the need to identify and protect them becomes a cardinal priority for security teams. We will present our integrated solution and how it complements our OT security offering.
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