Can I Connect on-premises management console to Defender for IoT Portal

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I have setup on-premises management console and activated it. I connected one offline sensor using the connection string, the sensor is connected to the management console and sending its device inventory to the management console.

I don't see that device inventory in Defender for IoT portal, (like the online sensor) is that an expected behavior?


the management console doesn't show in the IoT portal!, how to forward the alerts from management console to IoT portal? (or To Microsoft Sentinel).

in the forwarding rule section it asks about the Azure Sentinel host name, not sure what to enter in this field?

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@BaselFawal In my case, the devices detected by the sensor are also (automatically) available within the management console. It worked OOTB using the latest version of MC.


The forwarding of alerts to Sentinel isn't working. I believe the host URL should be the IoT Hub within Azure (somethinglike:, port 443).  But I'm not sure. I also can't find any documentation on this topic. Can you share your updates?

Thank you @mwittersict , also I noticed that the device inventory collected by the management console is not showing in the IoT portal (I am not sure if this is by design).

Also I don't find a documentation showing how to forward alerts from management console to Sentinel or to the IoT portal