Azure Defender for IoT - Version 10.5.2 Release

Microsoft is excited to announce version 10.5.2 release of Azure Defender for IoT.
What's New?
  • Observation of PLC operating mode (Public Preview) consisting of the PLC logical Run state and the physical Key state, if there is a physical key switch on the PLC. As a result of this new capability, security and operations engineers are now able to gain crucial insight into the operational mode of enterprise PLCs, which helps improve security.
  • Download PCAPs associated with alerts can be retrieved through an API from the on-premises management console (with or without direct access to the sensor). 
  • The audit logs for your deployment are now available in the On-premises management console.
  • With extended Webhook support, all of the information in an alert, as well as extra data, can be sent to the endpoint.
  • In the process of setting up SSL certificates, unicode characters can now be incorporated into passphrases.



About Defender for IoT


Azure Defender for IoT provides agentless, network-layer security, provides security for diverse industrial equipment, and interoperates with Azure Sentinel and other SOC tools. 

Continuous asset discovery, vulnerability management, and threat detection for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, operational technology (OT) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) can be deployed on-premises or in Azure-connected environments.


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