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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Unable to find MDI in Azure

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When I search azure, for Defender for Identity or Azure ATP, I don't get any results. How can I find the MDI portal in a clients tenant? 


In general, the searching in Azure is very poor and needs to be improved so that everything in a tenant can actually be found. The fact that native services like MDI are unfindable is hard to understand

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Go to
Once logged in you will be auto redirected to the tenant workspace.
Thanks, I found those instructions by looking in the documentation but I should not have to do that. Everything in azure should be findable. It's not even listed as a service in the All Services page.

@Dean_Gross , What do you mean by searching in Azure, do you mean search the website?

Yes, the box with the search for resources tip that is on many pages in Azure
I see what you mean now, but since we're talking about different portals for different products (Azure ATP was renamed to Microsoft Defender for Identity to better represent it as a product alongside product such as Microsoft defender for Endpoint), it uses the portal and not the
Sorry but your statement is not entirely correct. While the alerts from MDI are displayed in the M365 Security center, setting up, configuration and management tasks are performed in an Azure based portal
Can you send a link please? as the MDI settings, configuration and management tasks are on the M365 security portal, or the dedicated MDI portal, but not in the one.
The instructions at clearly show that we should go to a location in azure
Right, but that's a different (and dedicated) portal for MDI (which is being converged into