Trying to contact MDI product team

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during a penetration test I had to get a bit creative and found a way of adding a domain admin account without that MDI is alerting it. (This could be confirmed in two different environments with MDI active and sensors correctly installed)

I would really love to help improve the detection in MDI and provide technical details, however the company I work for does not have a support contract and I really don't want to go through the feature request / customer feedback channels...


Is there any chance that there are people in this forum with contacts to the MDI product team and that they could contact me?


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Hey @Ville Koch 


Best ways to get in contact with the product team are;


Feature Request

Microsoft Private Preview

Enterprise Agreement (going through support)


Those are the only way to really get in contact with the product teams within Microsoft that I'm aware off


You can also email AatpFeedback at microsoft com