suser not showing up in Syslog events

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We are not seeing suser (Jimmy Smit) being extracted out of the "Remote code execution attempt" logs.
Is this something that can be added?


2020-01-09T10:10:22-08:00 SyslogServerA CEF[4248]0|Microsoft|Azure ATP|2.104.7548.41641|RemoteExecutionSecurityAlert|Remote code execution attempt|5|start=2020-01-09T17:57:29.7867420Z app=Wmi shost=JB1V msg=Jimmy Smit made 2 attempts to run commands remotely on 13 domain controllers from JB1V using 2 WMI methods. externalId=2019 cs1Label=url cs1= cs2Label=trigger cs2=update

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@Ed Healea Most alerts will display either suser or shost. for this case, shost is displayed.