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Jun 27 2023, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PDT)
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Some network traffic is not being analzyed

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I got a new configuration alert yesterday. Seems to be linked with the update of the sensor which happened around the same time. I got the alert for all of my domain controllers. And they are all physical with NIC Teaming.


Some network traffic is not being analyzed
The machine that Sensor [Server name] is deployed on is configured with a NIC Teaming adapter. This requires additional configuration.
For more information, refer to


The link offers no more information on the topic. It sends me to the ATA troubleshooting page which doesn't mention NIC Teaming.

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best response confirmed by Stefan Jonsson (Regular Visitor)

Winpcap - the kernel driver we’re using to “parse” the traffic doesn’t support NIC Teaming.

you need to install Npcap driver. We are working to support it build-in in the Sensor.

In the meantime you can follow this instructions: 

1. download npcap-0.98.exe from

2. Stops and Disable the Azure ATP Sensor services

3. Backup the winpcap driver files - in case of an error

4. Stops and delete the winpcap driver

5. Install Npcap driver

6. Re-enable and starts the Azure ATP services


alternately you can just do uninstall to the Sensor, Install Npcap, Install to the Sensor.