Sensors Update and Restart

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Can someone explicitly confirm scenarios below based on the picture in the MDI documentation,

  1. DC2 will restart (after 72 hours delayed) update.
  2. DC4 and DC5 will restart (after no delay) update.
  3. DC6 will (after 72 hours delayed) update but will not restart.
  4. So in this scenario, only DC2, DC4, and DC5 are configured for updates to take effect, all other sensors will require DC/ADFS manual server restart to take effect.
  5. In case the sensors are updated but have not restarted would this trigger any alarm for admins to alert them of this scenario or will it stay silent?

Thank you!

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The Restart column is not there any more as we don't use OS restarts any more.
You can also set the update to be delayed, and the service will restart when updated, the machine will never restart due to this update.

If you find this screenshot in the docs, please use the feedback option in the page you find it to let the tech writer know the screenshot is no longer up to date and not reflecting the current state.

@Eli Ofek 


I am still seeing the old Restart column in my MDI cloud instance. How do I update?


The update should be auto pushed via version 2.182.
Go to the question mark in the upper left and click it.
What number do you see under "version".
If you are not running in the commercial cloud, you might get this version with a slight delay compared to commercial.

@Eli Ofek 

I'm in Government GCC space still running ver 2.180. Hopefully it will auto-push ver 2.182 soon. If you can check the ETA that would be wonderful.

Thanks again.

I can't commit to an ETA, but estimation is that 2.182 will reach GCC in about 2 weeks...
Anyway, the change will just remove the restart UI.
Behind the scenes we are already avoiding any changes to the sensor that will require a restart, so while planning anything, you can assume this column in the UI does not exist.