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I have been trying to trigger an event to determine whether the sensor is creating the alert I expect to see. To do this I added about 5 random accounts to my Domain Admins group (yes, this is test environment). I'm not seeing any alerts. I would expect this event to trigger the "Suspicious additions to sensitive groups" alert, but I get nothing.


I've configured auditing per the guidance from Microsoft and I can see the Audit Event ID 4728 being generated in the Security log.


Any thoughts on this? I am seeing other alerts, so I know the sensors are working generally.




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@murrato1 I am receiving the same issue. I have added accounts to the domain admins group which should trigger an alert but nothing happens.  

@murrato1 Adding @Daniel Naim 

Hi @murrato1 


We have the same issue.  Are you aware of the fact that this Alert has a learning period of four weeks since the first event was logged? 

Microsoft Defender for Identity domain dominance security alerts | Microsoft Docs


If you found any solutions meanwhile it would be great if you can share it. 


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