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Dec 06 2023, 07:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)
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Report links to ATP

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Hi everyone.


This morning I received a link from a customer arguing that ATP did not prevent him from open a Phishing Site. By this hour ATP takes you directly to the phishing site without a warning if you are on Edge. Google Chrome stops you with a big and ugly red background warning.


Phishing site -->


My question: Is there any ways I can report this malicious link to ATP as the email address we use to report phishing emails



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I took to long writing my question :D


2018-12-05 15_15_16-Protección contra amenazas avanzada de Office 365.jpg


But bear with me... Is there any ways to report a link? Believe me the result was different 30 minutes ago.

Strangely enough - your message has popped up in my feed in outlook like this:


Phishing site -->

Even though this is from *within* Outlook, if I click on the Phishing site link it takes me directly to it without using the safelinks....???

I wonder why that is the case?

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Hi, I think you posted to the wrong group, your question is more around Office365 ATP and phishing while and this group is for Azure ATP and ATA