Re-installing MDI Sensor version 2.0.0 from within MDI Portal


I'm working through a reinstall of MDI sensors on a domain controller. I'm able to successfully uninstall the current agents installed. When I go to download the sensor package from the MDI Portal and try install from the executable, the installation window and screen indicates it is version 2.0.0.  Is this accurate, or is it labeling done that doesn't describe the true version after it is installed -- which should be something like version 2.172? 

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The latest from the portal is fine. is the major deployment version.
During deployment it will auto download from the backend the latest minor bits.
If you are failing, check the deployment logs to see why.
If you are running on 2019, check this common issue link:
Thankyou Eli! this resolved the issue. Installed via PSexec.

 @dahuynh @Eli Ofek

We've released the updated installation package. Please note it may take a couple of days to reach your sensor download page.