Missing Activity type "LDAP cleartext"

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Hi All,

One of my tenants is missing Activity type "Ldap cleartext". 




On another tenant this activity type is present:



It's a bug or maybe I'm missing some of configuration?


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does both your Tenants have Azure ATP, as LDAP Clear Text is connected to Azure ATP I wonder if it could be the case that one of them doesn't have Azure ATP enabled and integrated.



@Stefan Schörling both have Azure ATP integration with MCAS enabled. Better. In both, I have a recommendation in security posture regarding the clear text passwords.

@pawelliebich  thanks for confirming I do see that I am also missing this activity type from all tenants I am managing and when i select the results from the Identity Security Posture I get that the Activity Type is missing when I drill into it. @Astrid McClean  any insights you can share here?





@Stefan SchörlingSame here. Only the old tenant has these activities related to 'clear text' in search.
I hope this bug/feature applies only to these two activities.

@pawelliebich @Stefan Schörling  If you can open a support case via the Azure Portal, then it will be easier for the engineering team to diagnose the problem.


Let me know if there are any issues doing that, or if you don't get a prompt response.